H&H Testing Lab:

Contact Information: Office: (585)506-9095

Owner: Howard Cragg
Email: hcragg@hhlab.us, Cell: (585)738-7660

Office Manager: Tami Acciari
Email: tacciari@hhlab.us, Cell: (585)506-9095

Operations Manager: Mike Legno
Email: mlegno@hhlab.us, Cell: (585)738-0193

Service Manager: Dillon Camp
Email: dcamp@hhlab.us, Cell: (585)738-2037

Laboratory Manager: Alex Benson
Email: abenson@hhlab.us, Cell: (585)738-1379

Quality Manager: Frank Imburgia
Email: fimburgia@hhlab.us, Office: (585)506-9095

Sales Manager: Dave Memmel
Email: dmemmel@frontiernet.net, Cell (585)414-4416


H&H Testing and Calibration

H&H Environmental Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 Accredited & ISO 17025:2005 Compliant Environmental Simulation testing laboratory. Our capabilities include; Temperature, Humidity, Shock, Rain, Freezing Rain, Solar, Altitude, Space Simulation, Salt Fog, Electro-Dynamic Vibration, HALT/HASS, and Combined Environment stress screening.

We have a diverse team of experienced and qualified technicians with the skills to handle the special needs of clients across an extensive range of industries. Along with fast response turnaround, we are always on call for emergency services and offer competitive rates.

As a quality oriented company, we perform comprehensive preventative maintenance and performance qualification procedures on all our equipment to ensure accurate and reliable test results. Our testing and calibration processes are highly disciplined and are performed under tightly controlled laboratory conditions as outlined in our Quality Management System. Leveraging a comprehensive range of analytical and test instrumentation, we calibrate and validate every chamber and vibration table to manufacturer specifications.

As an experienced solutions provider integrating our engineering and technical capabilities, H&H Environmental Systems is known for customizing test equipment. We deliver practical yet innovative solutions for applications with unique, unusual, or complicated testing requirements.

Combining our test laboratory capabilities with our off-site environmental chamber service, calibration, rental, lease and purchase options, our customers’ expectations are consistently actualized.

For more detailed information about our laboratory testing and calibration services for environmental chambers, contact us directly.