HALT – Highly Accelerated Life Testing

HALT testing is used to find product design weaknesses making the product more rugged.

HASS – Highly Accelerated Stress Screening

HASS testing is used to find defects and flaws in production to monitor the quality and consistency of your manufacturing processes.

What is HALT HASS testing? HALT HASS testing are rigorous and intensive methods used to expose and then improve design and process weaknesses. HALT HASS testing is faster, less expensive and more effective than traditional testing techniques. HALT HASS testing are proven processes used to lower product development costs, compress time to market, reduce warranty costs, improve customer satisfaction, gain market share and increase profits. Some companies have reported savings in the millions after using HALT and HASS testing. HALT HASS testing can accelerate a product’s aging process from actual months into test minutes much faster than traditional testing by taking advantage of rapid thermal cycling and broadband random vibration to quickly determine electronic design weaknesses. High temperature ramp rates of 60 °C/minute combined with random, six degrees of freedom vibration is available for maximum screening effectiveness.