The Unholtz-Dickie 206 specializes in the design and manufacture of complete Vibration Test Systems, including Electrodynamic Shaker Systems, Shock and Vibration Controllers, Horizontal Slip Table Assemblies, Long Stroke Thrusters, Head Expanders, Power Amplifiers, Transducer Calibration Systems, Accelerometers and Instrumentation.

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The Thermotron FA-48-H altitude test chambers allow you to combine temperature and altitude with optional humidity for simultaneous environment testing. Utilizing an FA series chamber you can control the temperature while subjecting the product to various altitudes up to 100,000 feet standard. This combination of elements allows you to precisely simulate any real-life conditions a product might face and allows for a wide range of test profiles to be performed.

To reserve time on this equipment Email or call (585)506-9095


The Qualmark Typhoon 4 is designed specifically for the task of performing Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) and HALT on large products. Tthe 48″ x 48″ vibration table is capable of supporting hundreds of pounds of products and fixturing, and delivers more energy in the lower frequency ranges of today’s Surface Mounted technology products. For high temperature applications and stimulating faults in a harsh environment this system is available with the Inferno™ option that can deliver temperatures up to 250°C

To reserve time on this equipment Email or call (585)506-9095